10 Valentine’s Day Safety Tips

In this quick and informative article, we take a look at 10 Valentine’s Day safety tips! We all know that Valentine’s Day is about love and spending some quality time with that special person you care about. However, there are some lesser-known potential safety and property risks that could occur on February 14. Here are 10 safety tips to consider…

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Pre-Christmas cleaning tips

Trust us, these Pre-Christmas cleaning tips are a lifesaver! Christmas is almost here! If you’re hosting a party or celebration at home, find out how to prepare & get your home clean & tidy beforehand. Key steps To keep your bedding and sheets extra fresh for guests, wash separately from other clothing. Try and reach…

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7 Tips for a clean desk

In this short video we look at 7 tips for a clean desk! A clean desk is a clean mind and a clean mind is a productive one! Increase your productivity by staying organised with these 7 practical tips! If you need help keeping your entire office in show-room condition, give us a call and…

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Health and safety tips while working from home

In this informative video we take a look at some key health and safety tips while working from home! Even though lockdown restrictions are easing more and more people are still working from home! With that in mind, we would like to offer some useful advice that will help to ensure that your time spent…

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11 Tips to Keep Your House Clean with Kids

These 11 tips to keep your house clean with kids are sure to come in handy during the updated lockdown restrictions since schools are temporarily closed!    1) Declutter Once, then Declutter Regularly. The more stuff in your house, the harder it will be for your kids to learn where things belong and be able…

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8 Self-Help Tips for PTSD

Learn how to cope with these 8 Self-Help Tips for PTSD. Suffering from PTSD is not a sign of weakness, it is proof of your strength because you have survived! Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a condition that causes flashbacks, nightmares and uncomfortable symptoms such as anger, sleep difficulties and a negative view of the world, after experiencing a…

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5 Tips on Keeping a Clean House

With the start of the school holidays, now is the perfect time to read our tips on keeping a clean house. Especially while the kids are home over the holidays! When school is out and the kids are home enjoying their holidays, there’s a definite change in the flow of the day and your tidy…

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Speed cleaning tips

These speed cleaning tips will have your house ready for guests in no time! With Christmas less than a week away, you are not alone if you’re panicking about the state of the house. If you find yourself without time to tackle your cleaning tasks, give us a call and we will bring our professional…

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