5 Tips on Keeping a Clean House

clean house

With the start of the school holidays, now is the perfect time to read our tips on keeping a clean house.

Especially while the kids are home over the holidays!

When school is out and the kids are home enjoying their holidays, there’s a definite change in the flow of the day and your tidy home might experience a little more mess. This is a good mess to have, but if you’re finding it difficult to keep your house clean while the kids are home, try these 5 tips.

  1. Give everyone 3 tasks to do every single day.
    Why three tasks? Everyone can remember what they have to do, it builds a habit, and it gives them responsibility. Here are 3 general task ideas to help get you started. Have your kids make their owns beds, put away clothes (clean and dirty laundry), and tidying up their rooms.
  2. Get out.
    The more time you spend out of the house, the less mess you’ll be creating inside the house. Enjoy the weather, play in the backyard, go to a pool or beach if you are lucky enough to live at the coast like us, visit a local and safe park or even plan a trip to the library. Make the most out off your nearby surroundings.
  3. Eat outside.
    Have as many picnics and lunches outside, you can even create your own mini-adventures or games! This keeps the food mess outside and it’s so much more fun to eat outside anyway.
  4. One thing in and one thing out.
    It’s a hard habit to get kids to do, but if they put things away after they use them it will keep things tidier and make it easier to clean up later. Another great idea is to ask your little ones to sort through their older toys and games that they no longer play with. Kids (generally) like sorting jobs so get them involved in creating a donations pile. Once done plan an outing to a local orphanage to donate all the sorted goodies.
  5. Let the kids clean with you.
    Choose age-appropriate cleaning tasks and let your kids clean right along with you. Give them a mini cleaning bucket, a spray bottle with water or non-toxic cleaner, a duster, and a microfiber cloth and they can dust and clean their rooms and the rest of the house right along with you.
  6. We have snuck in a sixth bonus tip and it’s definitely THE BEST one.
    Forget about cleaning! Enjoy your time, spend it with your kids making memories that will last a lifetime. But what about the cleaning? We have you covered. Call us and we will drop a professional cleaner right on your doorstep! While you have fun with your family, we will make sure your home is as clean as a whistle!

See, we were not joking when we said we saved the BEST FOR LAST!

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