Facility Management

Facility Management is the name of the game and we want to help you optimise yours! We look at the improvement of productivity as well as the cost vs ROI. You can expect to find advice and tips that cover a broad spectrum including medical, retail, corporate and government to name a few.


Date Night Cleaning Service

Our convenient pre and post-date night cleaning service is perfect to make sure your home is ready for your romantic Valentine’s night in! Are you planning to spoil someone special in your life with a romantic date night at home this Valentine’s Day? We know that in the back of your mind, you are probably…

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One-stop Cleaning and Security Solution

Are you looking for a reliable yet affordable one-stop cleaning and security solution for your home or business? Look no further! Our impressive range of innovative services is sure to meet your needs and accommodate your budget. It would be an honour if you subscribe to our YouTube channel. We regularly feature new, informative, and…

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Cleaning services to simply your life

Did you know that we offer a wide range of cleaning services to simplify your life? HOSPITALITY Our services in the hospitality industry span across hotels, lodges, cinemas, casinos and many more specialised establishments. HEALTHCARE We adhere to the best healthcare cleaning practices because healthcare deserves an uncompromising philosophy on best practices. COMMERCIAL & CORPORATE…

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Innovative and Affordable Cleaning Services

Our innovative and affordable cleaning services are here to ensure your 2023 is pristine and stress-free! Our professional cleaning teams are standing by and ready to take the burden of your daily cleaning away from you! We know just how precious your time is and we want you to spend it doing what you love…

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Benefits of Hiring a Professional Office Cleaning Service

We hope you are sitting down because the benefits of hiring professional office cleaning services are sure to surprise you! With most companies shutting down in December this might be the perfect time for your annual office deep clean! The appearance of your office is something that actually contributes a lot to overall company performance.…

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Airbnb Cleaning Service

Should you make use of our Airbnb cleaning service and what are the benefits? Cleaning your Airbnb can be a little overwhelming when you already have a full plate. Fortunately, there is a simple solution. Eliminate the hassle and hire one of our professional cleaning teams to take care of the mess for you! It’s…

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Health benefits of spring and summer cleaning

Who Knew there were unexpected health benefits of spring and summer cleaning? Here are 7 benefits that might just surprise you! This season, ‘cleaning’ is about more than just tidying up your house. It’s a proven de-stressor More clutter means more stress. So it shouldn’t be surprising that housework can cut stress and anxiety by…

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Community is everything

We believe that community is everything! With that in mind, it gives us great joy to personally invite you to become a member of our Facebook community group! Our community is a SAFE place to share ideas, learn new things and market your local services! We are all looking forward to welcoming you! Simply search…

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Clean House Survival Guide For School Holidays

With the help of our clean house survival guide for school holidays, the upcoming vacation should be a walk in the park! The school holidays are here and whether parents are excited or not, most will agree it’s challenging work keeping the house spotless when the little people are home every day! The weather lately…

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School Holiday Cleaning

If your home looks like a bombsite, our school holiday cleaning services are here to save the day! As much as we all love the holidays, unfortunately, they can leave your home in a bit of a state! The last thing anyone wants to do while on holiday is clean. That is where we come in…

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