Single Working Womens Day

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Did you know that August 4th is globally recognised as single working Womens Day? We are all about powerful woman doing it for themselves!

So let’s check out what this day is all about!

The importance of single women to our economic and social growth cannot be understated. Every year millions of single women work in industries all over the world, doing the work for themselves and living for themselves. Single Working Women’s Day reminds us how important each and every one of them is, and that it’s not just men that make the world go round.

History of Single Working Women’s Day

Single Working Women’s Day was created by Barbara Payne with the intent of recognizing the importance of these women and raising awareness of this fact in the public eye. Their role has grown ever more important as being a single woman is no longer a stigma in many countries, and instead, is often encouraged or respected as these individuals work their way through life on their own. In spite of this, theirs is not a life free of the challenges brought on by generations of stigma.

How to celebrate Single Working Women’s Day

It all starts with going up to the single working women in your life and telling them how much you respect them for the hard work they do every day. If you’re one of them, you need to give yourself a much deserved day of leisure, you’ve certainly earned it! Single Working Women’s Day is your opportunity to recognize and be recognized for everything you do, and how difficult it is to make it in a world where women still earn 80% of what men do for the same job at the best of times.

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