COVID-19 sterilisation and sanitation

We are excited to let you know that we are offering a professional COVID-19 DISINFECTION, STERILISATION and SANITATION service! When it comes to the safety of your customers, staff and family DON’T WAIT UNTIL ITS TOO LATE!  Be Wise and Sanatise NOW! We STRONGLY recommend this service to any other business that services customers such…

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Facility And Healthcare In The Education Industry

    We are pleased to share more information with you on how we are revolutionising facility and healthcare management in the education industry! “The main hope of a nation lies in the proper education of it’s your “   With the ever-rising number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 amongst educational institutes, whether they are…

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Important Covid-19 Information

Please take note of this Important Covid-19 Information! As an essential service provider to both the security industry and medical hazardous waste cleaning sector, we are on the front lines fighting to keep our clients, community and country safe! We also strive to educate and provide information that will help to empower you and your…

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Avoid spreading infections

Hand hygiene, either with soap and water or with alcohol-based hand rub, is one of the best ways to avoid spreading infections to others and getting sick. Hand hygiene is an easy, inexpensive, and effective means to prevent the spread of germs and keep everyone healthy. Please, follow carefully the steps shown in this training…

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Message to South Africa

At this challenging time, please take note of our message to South Africa! When standing united as a nation regardless of race, religion, creed and gender we can overcome all and any adversity! Whatever the Covid-19 epidemic may take from us physically and financial it can never take our humanity! We urge all South Africans…

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Best hygiene and sanitisation practices

In light of the COVID-19 epidemic, as a company, we are taking ALL necessary measures to ensure the safety of our staff undertake best hygiene and sanitisation practices. We will continue with ongoing education on preventative measures! KEY educational information and some useful advice that you can implement at work to further safeguard your staff…

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